The Perception Gap®

Have you ever peeled an orange
to find an apple inside?

When it comes to disability insurance, most organizations and their highest earners are shocked to discover the huge gap between the coverage they thought they had and what they actually have.

The Perception Gap is our proprietary service designed to help organizations and their key earners understand and address the real gaps in their coverage.

Disability insurance is an underserved and often overlooked market as most large benefit consultants and wealth advisory firms are more focused on their core lines – medical insurance or retirement plans. It is not uncommon to find disability insurance benefit information in the last pages of a benefit guide.

Yet, disability insurance, by most financial advisors’ standards, is a critical component for financial security in the event of an illness or injury. This is magnified for the highest earners as traditional group insurance limits are often restricted and provide very low benefit caps.

The Perception Gap analysis helps our clients protect the unpredictable events of life before they become eventful.