Executive Benefits

When organizations pursue disability and life insurance for their six-figure+ earners, they’re often met with a commoditized approach in lieu of a true strategic planning process.

The insurance vehicles are treated as simple, yet in reality, they’re not. This transactional approach fails to leverage many of the internal metrics. It creates a minefield of missed opportunities and unintended outcomes, increasing the likelihood that coverage will fall short of both needs and expectations for coverage.

Even large national insurance and executive benefits organizations may default to this paradigm.

The Foresight Factor was founded on the belief that executive benefits planning for organizations with an unusual number of high earners requires a different perspective. Our model incorporates layer upon layer of diligence, creativity and after-care, knowing that if we thoroughly explore, vet, and test any scenario on the front end, we can help avert surprises.

Importantly, our approach is highly collaborative, allowing custom plans to work in concert with existing plans and trusted brokers. Together, we can bring needs and coverage into alignment.