Our Team

John W. DeDominic


This is about protecting your assets.

Growing your financial portfolio has required your great skill and effort. It deserves additional special wisdom to protect it against ever-changing circumstances and regulations, and to leverage ever-changing opportunities.

Moreover, this is about ensuring your legacy.

Passing your assets onto others, be they family, community, or charity, means far more than the transfer of wealth. It enables your continuing oversight of those whom you love and that which you care about. It is the enduring manifestation of your intention to make the world a better place. It is deep self-assurance that you have met your own standards of responsibility to protect those who have depended most on you, and who you have most depended upon.

This is about his competency.

For over 30 years, John DeDominic’s expertise has created sophisticated insurance portfolios that allow high-worth individuals, executives, and business owners to maximize their results, minimize their risks, and expand their options for intergenerational wealth. This includes successful business continuity, estate tax, and family gift planning strategies — often in complex multigenerational or multijurisdictional situations — and the advising of corporate and individual fiduciaries and beneficiaries on all aspects of trust and estate administration.

Moreover, this is about his character and commitment.

John has developed enduring relationships with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, family offices, real estate developers, and philanthropists. Ask anyone who has decided to trust John with the protection and growth of their assets and they will tell you he is smart and creative; unbowed and unintimidated; that he will not stand back and does not back down on behalf of his clients. They will tell you John knows who he’s always looking ahead for, and when necessary, fighting for.

Ask John, and he will tell you that “I earn my legacy when I protect yours.”

John DeDominic - TCS